Marching Orders

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Marching Orders

Post by Pconlon on Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:27 pm

cheers With little possibly left to lose among Independent White Voters aka The Middle Class Pivotal types - the present Administration is not backing off one bit in labeling their Political Enemies as noncerebral extremists. Case in point NBC's Chuck Todd tonight gave an "analysis" of the current bizarre poll that actually shows almost 1/5th of Americans thinking the President IS a Muslim. Shocked Todd lumped all of this together ,throwing in the Birthers and giving a focused view that Keith Olberman might have winked at. In short Todd is a Team Player for Democrats and has been since he replaced David Gregory in 2008.

***** Todd mentioned the Obama 2008 Campaign Website "Fight the Smears" in a context that some might think he was offering up Brittanica , and gave his view of Obama's Christian background by mentioning the years at Jeremiah Wright's Chicago Church while failing to mention Wrights fling with Islam decades ago.

******* The orchestrated strategy here (and Pelosi jumped in yesterday also) is to serve up our First Black President as an idealist beset with totally Hatefull enemies who are beyond reason and who doubt his wonderful True Intentions to the point that they want total failure.

**** Hand in Hand with this Crap is the upcoming NBC Fall Main Line Prime Time Political Thriller Show "The Event" which has the nucleus of an artuculate Brave BLACK POTUS also beset by Lying Holovers from previous Admistrations , deceived by CIA/NSA types from Day One who are Imprisoning & Assasinating people in the name of National Security and apparently will bring down this new Reformist President by means of Mega disasters if necessary. This BTW from the Folks who gave us the "West Wing" a few years back - and actually confused some peoiple THEN as to who was the President.

***** Now of course ALL the totally cerebral Humanist types are on one side of this Great National divide we are currently experiancing . Those wanting Barry of Oahu to succeed at all cost - or just eek out 270 Electoral Votes in 2012 - have only the noblest of intentions towards the bulk of their fellow citizens. Rolling Eyes They want improvement and are totally objective - total BS of course - but this crew at NBC has jumped in with both feet for Obama. They label Fox almost openly as an Enemy rather than a competitor and of course they must realize that without a Really Dumbed down populace now and a heavy Foreign influx into our Politics that their side would be in really depleted shape.

**** Even this Mosque controversy in NYC will not shake them because "The Chosen One" must prevail even if he stupidly inflamed the issue further SO it must just be all those " Haters , those Rednecks, those Birthers, those Conspiracy Nuts and those Gun Lovers who in their Pathetic "Know Nothing" delirium simply will not see the opportunity this Annointed individual is giving us as he enjoys like 15 Vacations a year in between Fundraisers.


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Re: Marching Orders

Post by Detonate95 on Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:46 pm

As I pointed out in another thread Peter, NBC has become a very minor player in the game of disinformation dissemination. Their market share gets smaller every day. Maybe some day they will wake up a realize why, but I doubt it. Don't spend a lot of time worrying about what happens on NBC.

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