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Post by Pconlon on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:06 am

***** The Narcissistic Self absorbed opportunistic Bastard whofounded and runs the above titled organization - Australian expatriate Julian Assange is of today under indictment in Sweden charged with Rape & Molestation. No specific's were given and he probably has left the Country.

***** Assange has been mostly in Sweden of late because of it's "Privacy Laws" as he continues to harrangue & needle various instititions in the Democratic West and enjoys every minute of it.

***** He claims 8,000 + info suppliers WorldWide and most are either disgruntled employee's or frustrated Backstabbers along with the usual crew of long term Leftists and immature tech geeks who know all about Cyberspace but aren't sure if FDR was Teddy's Grandson or if Joe McCarthy was a Communist Shocked or if John Kerry got into Cambodia by way of Mongolia.

***** Recently Assange & Co released thousands of classified/stolen documents supplied to them (probably) by an Army PFC in Kuwait. This young resentful type is now confined in Quantico and is likely headed to Prison while assange gets dined on the Riviera for showing up the past Evils of GWB. assange looks like a cross between Progressive Congressional Attorney David Bois & Bill Maher and comes across like somebody slipped him a few Kaopectates just to alter his routine Wink - possibly now if apprehended he might have his self promoted annoying career derailed a bit.


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