Milwaukee Speech

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Milwaukee Speech

Post by Pconlon on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:20 am

******* Yesterday before an adoring crowd of Faithful Union members and their Families our President put forth another Avalanche of BS knowing it can not be enacted before November's Election, knowing the $$$$$ does not exist ,and knowing that he will never supply specific's or any timeline concerning almost any of it.

****** Obviously it has everything to do with November , and it is just to put the GOP on the spot in terms of immediate opposition to his version of "Progress". Needless to say the MSM as of yet has yet to ask for any details concerning any of it , nor do they mention that a lot of the previous "Shovel Ready" stuff has never been implemented. In short Barry is holding back until late 2011/early 2012 to dispense the "goodies" in a few Key States. Rolling Eyes

**** Politics as Usual (???) Well. I guess We can call it that , but remember He is more than prepared for sizeable losses this year. He knows it might well mean little in terms of 2012, and IF by chance the GOP gains Congressional control the MSM will focus on their lack of Real Progress , or willingness to change anything. We are at an unusual time here because for the First time in a Good 80 years the Majority of Americans have no confidence in a sitting President , nor any hope for that to readily change. Indeed many now do know that "his priorities" are substantially different from theirs - it's just that We as a Nation have so changed in 50 years as to put a large portion of common sense , if not Common decency on the back burner. Many see no connection with the WWII America , and are only interested in Material comforts & Entertainment.

****** Despite Obama's disconnect with Millions he still as of Today has a Good 50/50 shot at a 2nd Term if for no other reason than California and it's projected 56 Electoral Votes in 2012. This is WHY he does not want the borders secured, and WHY the BS litigation against Arizona is out there for Window dressing. He (and others) want a REALLY different America. One that might that of Today seem like Norman Rockwell. Crying or Very sad Millions of White Liberals want the exact same thing, and have zero interest in the Rough economic times that today exists for a lot of the Middle Class or what's left of our Industrial base.


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