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Totally forgot

Post by Pconlon on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:11 pm

****** In the light of a new Nobel Peace Prize being awarded this day to a well know jailed Chinese dissident , and the President's call for the release of same I recalled that less than 2 years ago Barck Obama was a Nobel Prize Winner also What a Face It had totally slipped my mind. Embarassed

This was not long after he assumed the Presidency so it must have been his replacing GWB in the White House , and as We all know Bush was for War and those most supporting Obama (2007/08) were for Peace cheers so therefore it should be obvious he deserved such Kudos and indeed much more.

**** What's astounding in retrospect about this is that Barry despite 30 solid years of Hands on Experiance did in this instance did fully underestimate White Liberals Rolling Eyes His huge edge in knowing exactly how to cater to, and manipulate them fell short. In fact he underestimated the depth of their devotion.

**** Being that most of the Nobel Voting is done by non Americans I might readily assume that in terms of the 2008 Election that some of these Altruistic, educayed, urbane,sophisticated, compassionate,learned, scholarly types actuall thoght Barry defeated Bush one on one. Rolling Eyes

**** Just thought I'd remind all of how fortunate we truly are.


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