50 Years ago

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50 Years ago

Post by Pconlon on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:13 pm

******* 1960 - Election Day. Down to the Wire between John F.Kennedy & Richard Nixon. Huge turnout which probably helped JFK in a few Big States. Long night with Race undecided until like 7AM EST.

****** Illinois with it's then 27 Electoral Votes put JFK over the top. All told he got 303 Electoral Votes with a few States razor thin. Some wanted Nixon to contest Texas & Illinois, but he eventually declined.

***** LBJ as JFK's running made salvaged some of the South for Kennedy as THEN the Segregated, Jim Crow, South still existed. Without him Texas wih 24 EV's and So.Carolina with 8 go to Nixon for sure.

***** Compared to Today it was pretty civil Election.


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