Veterans for Common Sense

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Veterans for Common Sense

Post by Pconlon on Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:42 am

***** Floyd , the above titled group is a Veterans organization in existence for 9 years now. It was formed up in 2002 before the Iraq invasion and post 9/11 which if you recall was a hubbub of activity on the Left.

***** They lobbied hard in a rudimentary way to forestall the March 2003 attack on Iraq.

***** Being fairly small they escaped most attention until recently when the looming Federal Budget cuts being necessary and with GOP control of the House focused attention on the probability of some trimming within the VA huge sytem. Certaon Republican Congresmen have stated that even the VA will have to absorb some cuts - but Valid imjured/wounded ets are not on the table here.

***** This is not enough for some who while claiming a "Non Political" stance have lit into a few GOP Congressmen on this topic clearly wanting this to be shown as another Republican attack on those down and out or worse.

***** VCS has a few Leftist Links in their blogs and assorted hookups in particular with the Ultra Leftist CCR (Center for Constitutional Rights) in NYC - this bunch with a history of defending Radicals of every stripe in cluding Cop Killers.

**** On Facebook at present a few Veterans - including one I know VERY well from SFTT have formed their own semi closed Support group on this to push against ANY VA cuts without a clue appartently as to the overall dire financial straits the whole county is in. These same individuals also are in lickstep with the Wisconsin Union protesters who are currently Heavily at odds with the new GOP Governor.

***** This sub group at FB is ultra sensitive to criticism as to Political leanings and some I suspect are quite naive.

***** If you can see this bunch over ther - why not monitor it a bit just to pick up on anything I might miss. I got tempermentally involved with about 3 yesterday after I ask (as always) what their Military background was. Sorry , I have doubts about many.

***** Too many phonies have made it into the VA system also. How is always a mystery , but it happens.


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Re: Veterans for Common Sense

Post by Detonate95 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:02 am

Do I have to join the group in order to monitor it? I don't want to do that. What is the name of the FB group?

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