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Tea Party Express

Post by the SS on Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:23 pm

Good afternoon. I just returned from the Tea Party Express rally which was held on the banks of the Mississippi River in Bettendorf, Iowa. I knew it was to be here but the local media made reference to it being held here but did not say where or at what time. But that is no surprise. I got on the internet and found the details.
It was a great experience; very positive, very civil and very patriotic. I have heard that there were about 1500 people there in this little riverside park. It was threatening rain and it is the middle of the work week but the crowd was very enthusiastic. They started the program with the pledge of allegiance, then sang our national anthem and then publicly recognized all veterans present. After that it only got better. I didn't realize this was such a professional production with entertainers, radio talk show hosts and quite a staff. There was a number of good speeches made.
And of course, there were counter protestors - three young males trying to pretend they we part of the group but they weren't fooling anyone. Two of them were holding up signs with stupid anti government slogans that looked as if a total illiterate had made them and they were dressed as if they were retarded rednecks. They were doing their best to get in front of every tv camera.There were four hippie wannabe activist type (read butt ugly) women carrying signs referring to the Tea Partiers as Ku Klux Klan trying their best to argue with people but nobody was paying attention. For you Harley riders, there is a Harley honor guard escorting the buses. If you get a chance go experience real Americans. Very Happy

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