18th's Gettysburg Reunion

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18th's Gettysburg Reunion

Post by obenow on Mon May 17, 2010 6:59 am

My wife and grandson just returned from a wonderful week end with the men and wives of the 18th. Gettysburg, which I was at ten years ago, is still such a wonderful place to visit and see how our nation came forward and athe true sacrafices made for us.

The gang was warm and receiving to every one. Heck, I may have been from the 2/16th but we even had Marines there. If ever you get a chance, 18th or not, you ought to go to one of their reunions. They know how to throw a family type party and just sit around an B.S. with Major Dan,
Mark K , Larry and swap lies and tell of sad moments.

Thank you guys for inviting our family in to yours again. (went to Nashville In with em once as well.) The lil guy ate for 510 miles. Razz Cool

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