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Post by Pconlon on Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:42 am

******* Yesterday the President - for the First time in Many Month's addressed the problem of Immigration in General without a real focus on the Southern Porus border. All along he has held back in fully doing what's necessary in order to push a General Immigration package - the core of which WILL be some type Amnesty for Millions here already who presumably have been living lawful lives.

***** In actuality this will be just the bringing forth of additional solid Democratic Votes despite the lingering anger among many Hispanics over Barry not addressing matters in short order once he fully took over.

****** The total amount of the undocumented varies but Nationwide it's pushing 20 Million although some do not intend to stay forever. At a minimum however in a few States for the upcoming 2012 Election possibly several Million new Voters could be added. Most will Vote for ANY Democrat.

***** Obama has played "Cat & Mouse" with those seeking real Border security in the hope of getting his comprehensive package thru somehow. Obviously it will be heavily tried after this Fall's Mid term Elections. Then some compliant Republicans will tag along and take his word on things. In short they will be deceiving themselves and misrepresenting those who Voted for them. John McCain I suspect - once back in for his presumably Final term will also easily go along.


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Re: Amnesty

Post by moy3rd on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:43 am

Have you not noticed that Obama never sticks with one issue for very long?
He was taking heat for his lack of response to the Gulf oil spill,so he brought up Immigration Reform to divert everyones attention. Thats how he operates. Theres a crisis...stall & hope it will go away or someone else will fix it. Taking as little as possible,then move to something new to get it off the front page.

When things are bad,say its their fault,if it gets better say you fixed it!

If that cap on the BP well works,he will immediately take credit by saying "We" did this & 'We" did that.
If it fails it will be "They" did it.

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